Xiamen venture capital management scale has more than 40 billion yuan

in the process of economic development, the establishment of venture capital in Xiamen, Xiamen’s economic development has made indelible effect, its achievements are also very significant. Held in Beijing "2016 days before the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the investment community China equity annual forum, 2016 China equity annual ranking list announced, Xiamen Golden Circle Investment Group under the Xiamen City Investment Company Limited for the 2016 Chinese private equity investment institutions LP (" Limited Partners "acronym, meaning a limited partner 20).

And the national social security fund, the national science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund and other national institutions

also listed, and guide the fund industry, Chongqing Yangtze River Industrial Fund, Shanghai venture capital fund guide local institutions and the Qianhai fund, gopher assets, Yuan Wo Holdings market mechanism.

it is understood that the Xiamen venture was founded five years ago, the administration as a national new industry venture capital program of the local financial contribution on behalf of Xiamen city and guide the fund industry, I successfully introduced Saif, deep venture, innovation works, Qianhai and the source of funds to the parent fund’s top domestic investment institutions, and leading investment, Jing Road funds and other local first-class institutions and long established cooperation funds in Xiamen, give full play to the leverage of financial funds, effectively promoted the city industrial transformation and upgrading, cultivating and expanding employment tax.

as of now, Xiamen venture capital direct, indirect management scale has more than 40 billion yuan. Xiamen venture relevant responsible person said, "get the privilege of following this year again 2016 China government guide fund Fourth", from Xiamen to strategic emerging industry investment and guide the fund business and attaches great importance to the "mother fund" thoroughly implement the development strategy.

a city wants to get better development, can not be separated from a series of correct decisions, but also inseparable from the existence of outstanding enterprises in the city. "The next step will be to Xiamen venture branch group, Xiamen world development and construction company jointly initiated the establishment of the market fund – Jin Yuanqing, the parent fund, also play a synergistic effect of government guide fund and market fund, I continue to assemble the private equity investment field the best fund management institutions, the introduction of top business resources and network."

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