Open mill is now a good prospect of good prospects

every day to eat a variety of fine food, although it is delicious, but not feeling more and more bad intestines? Physical quality is getting worse? Therefore, the opening of a mill rice shop, in fact, there are a lot of profit and sales. Now many people eat rice, want to eat a little more healthy whole grains, now rice mill stores just to adapt to market demand, has great market prospects.

a, market prospects

modern society has entered the information age, people’s consumption concept from the past "full of survival" to "eat for health" intellectual development, food consumption concept has also undergone a qualitative change. Instant rice field processing sales, will set off a consumption binge in China earth, people to family health, the inevitable choice of healthy nutrition assured rice. Therefore, the opening of the mill is now really adapt to the development of rice.

rice consumption to instant, brand, healthy development is an inevitable trend. The recent circulation of rice, rice, rice is mostly mouldy or even poisonous rice evolved, so that people can not apply. Open home brewed rice store, on-site processing of instant rice is fresh brown rice by a small rice hulling machine, only a few minutes into the fresh fragrance of rice from rice.

two, investment budget

is now grinding rice shop investment can be small, the purchase of equipment can be set up at around 10 thousand yuan, the store is about 5-8 square meters, store 500 yuan, 2-3 people can.

three, benefit analysis


open a grinding rice shop, according to the daily sales assured rice 300 kilograms, the monthly sale of 9000 kg per kilogram of rice at the price of 3.2 yuan, the monthly sales revenue of 28800 yuan in total. Monthly production costs per month cost of raw materials: 1.8 yuan / kg, 9000 kg =16200 yuan. The monthly salary manager 1000 yuan, employees 500 yuan or 1500 yuan. Store rent 500 yuan / month. Monthly electricity: 3 degrees / hour; 1 yuan / degree =270 yuan. That is, the total monthly production costs 18470 yuan. Then the monthly profit of 10330 yuan.

four, marketing planning

1, rice mill shop is open to do a good job in the publicity and planning work.

2, as far as possible at the peak of the flow of people is satisfied that the sale of rice.

from the current market development and the needs of the people of the market point of view, so with the characteristics of the mill shop will have a good future development. Therefore, if you are now ready to venture capital, is looking for a good business opportunities, may wish to open the home is now grinding rice shop, phase

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