Do you know the preparatory work of the brand

with the improvement of life quality, people on the basic necessities of life reached a hitherto unknown degree, especially clothing, to become the industry’s most fiery nowadays. For investors, to join the women’s brand is a good choice. But, do you know the specific process of the preparatory work? Here is a small series for everyone to say.

two, assess their strength to make a investment plan, according to the assessment of the local rental market investment, decoration investment, personnel costs, and the basic conditions of brand suppliers such as: brand margin, props cost, the first batch of goods. Liquidity, etc..

three, select the brand

1, business philosophy

basic understanding of enterprise growth process, know how many brands can operation. As the saying goes, what kind of boss has a business, that is the truth, more communication, more understanding of the status quo, and future development. Of course, don’t be blindfolded on the line.

2, commodity portfolio

is consistent with the local market positioning

: product style is consistent with the local consumer positioningPrice positioning:

is consistent with the local market positioning

Color Series: series of products and product portfolio collocation whether a certain representative with the local market, the color of sure grasp of the local market trends, competitive

and whether the fabric used in price and market

3, company management

: the internal management of the company’s organizational structure and reasonable personnel quality? How to



4, productivity


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