Suitable for small capital investors to join the project

investment risk, which is one of the reasons many investors can not be decisive at the beginning of entrepreneurship. In the process of careful thinking, investors always want to be able to have a small risk, make more money on the project. Other industries do not dare to say anything, but for the catering market, what kind of brand to join, as long as you are willing to spend their minds to find will find. The following is a small series of fine pick out more suitable for small capital investors to join the project.

milk tea shop.

tea shop stores are generally small, famous tea shop and tea brand is more, so choose to join is a good choice, such as aunt tea, fruit grass AI taro balls to join, Gui Yuan Pu silk tea, throbbing burn tea, love the flavor of tea. Aunt aunt took tea, tea is a popular chain of Hangzhou tea brand. Due to the good brand image and product superiority, has been the majority of customers of all ages. Aunt tea by traditional manual boiling process. Let customers eat safe, safe, satisfied. Aunt tea brand officially for the national market operation and adhering to carry forward the traditional manual China boiling process culture business mission, integrity management, painstaking research, combined with the local culture China products, successfully created aunt tea brand, to love milk tea, tea culture for each Chinese venture partners successfully built a good platform, together create brilliant. Aunt tea chain project planning, logistics, research and development, the existing market operations, training and other professional team, we have always uphold the integrity-based business philosophy, dedicated to health tea chain aunt cultural cause. Aunt tea need more a person of noble aspirations to join our team, the brand management concept to everyone, share the joy of success.

burger shop.

is now a rapid development of the times, many people are also accelerating the pace of life, so too fast food came into being is a product of the times, for the fast pace of people fast food well provides a convenient dining. Now the hamburger shop almost blossom everywhere, such as Kyrgyzstan Shengke snack to join, where young burger joined, curious burger joined, eating Germany burgers to join, join Hamburg Beakley, happy star Hamburg to join, join a small investment, high return, customers do not worry, is a good project.

dessert store.

just for a chestnut (for example), sunrise Chata drinks. Chata House Catering Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan. Is the teahouse franchise in the brand, in the tea field capacity and strength as we all know, the domestic and foreign customers thousands on thousands of charm. With passion as a brick, with the heart

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