A good manager cannot have what quality

as a manager, can decide the development of a shop so naturally need to have a stronger ability, and on the basis of ability, but also need to have the relevant quality, and some quality is absolutely not enough and some. So, a good manager can not have what?

1, leapfrog report (of a sudden, this issue).

2, a good manager can’t have what? Shirk responsibility.

3, privately criticized the company, complaining about the status of the company.

4, a good manager can’t have what? Do not set goals, do not believe that their own and their employees can create miracles.

5, have credit, enjoy alone.

6, a good manager can’t have what? Not good at using the strengths of the clerk, only to see the shortcomings of the clerk.

7, do not want to train their staff, unwilling to exceed their staff.

8, a good manager can’t have what? The supervisor or company, bad news often speak good.

9, do not want to strictly manage the store, just want to do good.

How can ability of

manager determines the store will have a kind of development, and the manager of the quality how, will directly affect the long-term development of shops and other service personnel and stores. Therefore, if you want to become a qualified manager, the quality is not possible.

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