Hunan Provincial Department of education seriously deal with the college entrance examination was re

hard struggle for a dozen years, perhaps the result is not ideal, but it can also completing the college entrance examination, also can choose to suit their own school, this is so many candidates thing. However, because of being reported, resulting in some candidates had to do not know their own schools. Recently, a university in Hunan, there has been such an event was reported, Hunan Provincial Department of Education said it would seriously deal with.

recently, a candidate in Guizhou, Bijie college entrance examination was reported event, causing public concern. The name of the college entrance examination was completed "the Bijie examinee, named Yang Weijia, the college entrance examination scores released on the same day, claiming to help school students Zhang Shanshan contacted her, and recommended Hunan city Career Academy, told her to ask for the ticket number and password to the college entrance examination system. I repeatedly asked her, do not log in my voluntary reporting system. A few days later, I was admitted to the college entrance examination Hunan city Career Academy, other volunteers have also chosen to give up".

reporter contacted Wu Fang, chairman of Hunan city Career Academy and student Zhang Shanshan. Wu Fang told reporters, every year the school will send some students to help the school enrollment, the volunteer for Yang Weijia Zhang Shanshan is the freshman school. Zhang Shanshan told reporters that the enrollment period, her daily work is to help the teacher to make a phone call admission of candidates, the school and the professional situation.

Hunan Provincial Department of education official said, after a preliminary verification, "this is a very bad influence admissions irregularities, must be severely dealt with according to the law: one is to instruct the school to students and parents a public apology; two is actively coordinating with the Education Department of Guizhou Province, and properly handle the matter within the scope of policy as soon as possible to safeguard the interests of the candidates; three is to set up the project team, make a serious deal based on the investigation and verification."

for colleges and universities to help recruit students, perhaps more than a student’s problem, but for the candidates themselves, the impact is perhaps the future of life. For this reason, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education said it would strictly deal with, will help the candidates to solve these problems encountered.

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