Tianjin a variety of measures to stimulate entrepreneurial vitality to create a new business model

entrepreneurship needs an active atmosphere, so as to stimulate more entrepreneurial passion, to bring more business opportunities, Tianjin will have a variety of measures to stimulate entrepreneurial vitality. Let’s see what the specific method is!

recently learned from the conference on employment in Tianjin City, Tianjin city will rely on to build the "double engine" and realize the "double high" strategic layout, the development of entrepreneurship training package, increase the types of business incubator platform support, Tianjin city public entrepreneurship, stimulate new vitality and peoples.

2016, Tianjin will increase the types of business incubator platform support, on a fixed hatching place in Tianjin City, according to the established management service team, business incubator construction area of not less than 200 square meters, to attract college students venture enterprises 10 households (household at least employs 2 people), to give 300 thousand yuan of funds support. On this basis, every 1 new college students entrepreneurship, then subsidies of 20 thousand yuan; the new enterprise employs more than 2 people, every 1 new subsidies in accordance with the standard 5000 yuan per person. Each college student incubation base subsidies in the natural year maximum not more than 5 million yuan.

tutorial lesson plans, in accordance with the highest proportion of 1: 3, signed a business mentor of not less than 6 months of the agreement etc.. The performance of the agreement after the given business mentor tuition subsidies in accordance with the standard 2000 yuan per person. For the first half of the successful college students, each successful entrepreneurs give a one-time reward of 3000 yuan business mentor.

further stimulate the public entrepreneurship, innovation vitality, provide angel investment and financing lease and business loans and other financial support, the size of loans by 1 billion yuan at the end of 12th Five-Year ", an increase of 2 billion yuan to the" 13th Five-Year "at the end of the.

The new business model for entrepreneurs to create


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