How to choose clothing store

location for a brand shop is very important, only the choice of a good address in order to better open their own business. So, open a clothing store, how to choose a better site? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

first, small cities shop, seize the first principle.

According to the principle of

to seize the first, before entering the city in small foreign brands, if able to grasp the opportunity to put a clothing store in a small city, is the first step towards winning end of the sound. The clothing store location, because the small city has advantages in rent, the amount of input unchanged, the small city shop, clothing store in a larger area, not only can effectively concentrate the attention of customers, to attract customers, but also more customer retention, the greater the chance of turnover. Of course, the small city opened stores should also consider and coordinate the specifications of the city. Avis scarf joins

second, big city shop opened flagship store.

this principle is the main implementation of the same brand in the same pedestrian street opened 5, a total of 6 stores. Clothing store location, and large cities are set up shop for the characteristics of large cities and consumer shopping psychology. Big city stores, rich information, consumers prefer to compare the same kind of clothing before buying. In addition, the same brand in the street even open several stores, to form the brand "campaign", strengthen the brand impression in the minds of consumers. The common way to shop, the location of mobile, each other is appropriate.

third, the principle of city.

The aggregation of

related clothing stores has helped to raise concerns about the same target consumer groups, such as Beijing’s Wangfujing. Clothing store location, therefore, the choice of the same type of clothing stores in the high visibility of the brand is relatively concentrated business district, both to enhance the image of the clothing store, but also help to improve the popularity of clothing stores. At the same time, in the clothing store location, according to the location and positioning of the brand to determine the clothing store address. Site location and brand positioning should be coordinated, should not be afraid to go with their opponents, and even to unite with the opponent.

is about more than some of the clothing store to location, we believe that this knowledge, only the selected address, so join the shop is good, want to open their own stores, to thoroughly understand the advice!

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