Xining declared war on coal pollution in winter

Xining is located in the plateau, the winter heating period is longer. Enter the heating season, as the opening of coal-fired facilities, the increase of the content of coal, coal dust pollution of the atmospheric environment quality of Xining city gradually becomes one of the important sources of air pollution in winter environment in Xining. In the face of severe air pollution in winter, Xining took out 10 million yuan of funds, will be determined at the beginning of this year, a total of 200 tons of coal to gas to improve the task of governance to a total of 454 tons of steam. Up to now, has completed 339.67 tons of steam coal gas control task and 495 catering industry of clean energy transformation tasks, completed during the year 454 tons of steam coal gas control task and 710 restaurants coal fume control task.

at present, Xining city has 512 coal-fired boilers, of which the urban coal-fired boilers 314 units, is mainly used in coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers, living services industry administrative units of coal-fired boilers and coal-fired boiler of small processing enterprises. At present, there are more than four hundred catering units use coal-fired stove in the main city, mainly distributed in the west of Huang Zhong Lu, Kunlun Road, Lake Lu Yidong, seamounts north of the bridge, south of Qilian road and biological park. At the beginning of October, the Xining municipal environmental protection department and the four district government to promote the service industry consultation, determine the operating units of coal-fired facilities forced reform measures of governance issued a deadline requirements but refused to perform governanceresponsibilities wait small bath, water storage boiler units to take measures to urge the management as soon as possible. At the same time, contact with the Xining oil Gas Co, this sort of has signed a contract and has submitted an application of the coal gas control unit list, for promoting the coal gas to lay the foundation of governance, has been the development of winter coal dust special inspection program, the heating period began in October 15th after the organization of the inspection.

in recent years, Xining city to implement the national energy-saving emission reduction policies, vigorously carry out the "coal to gas" work, to promote the "national environmental protection model city" and "national civilized city" to create work has injected new vitality. This year, the coal gas project implementation, in accordance with the calculation of heating period of half a year is expected to reduce coal consumption of 45 thousand and 400 tons, 390 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 2 thousand and 160 tons of soot emission reduction, effective prevention and reduction of atmospheric pollution. At the same time, Xining city to implement the subsidy funds of 10 million yuan, the financial capital of 5 million yuan, sewage charges 5 million yuan of funds for the four area, Nanchuan Park coal-fired boilers coal gas renovation subsidies. According to the on-site verification, at present, has completed the transformation of the governance of 33 units allocated grant funds 3 million 440 thousand yuan, is expected to benefit households up to 12 thousand households. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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