Western Cultural Arts Center free of charge

Located in the west area of the five floor of Hao Hao International Plaza, construction area of 3468 square meters of the West District Arts and cultural center in the official opening of the public free of charge. This project will be built into the western culture of the reception hall, for the masses of the area to add a palace of culture and art.According to

reports, is located in the West District Cultural Arts Center downtown commercial district, is the city of the western region cultural centers, community (Village) and a cultural symbol of cultural activities after the station facilities and improve the construction of 6 community sports leisure square and 11 outdoor sports venues.

three regions colorful culture

west district culture and Art Center construction area of 3468 square meters, with multi-functional areas, cultural and entertainment areas, book area, leisure area, etc.. Multi functional areas can not only make the cultural performance team, the western people belonged to the ballroom dance have a formal rehearsal place, will regularly organize various cultural performances, enrich people’s life exhibition, in addition, this function will also provide all kinds of tea, place of training, chamber of Commerce for the masses. The public lecture hall, all kinds of professional seminars and forums, the district government press conference will focus on cultural and entertainment areas. Leisure reading area opened up a book reading space for the public to provide a place for leisure reading, to create a national reading space.

actively casting cultural reception hall

it is understood that the west area of culture and Art Center is in   "12th Five-Year" during the period of accelerating the reform and development of culture, the construction of public cultural service system, enhance the level of public cultural services, started the construction of rich and active cultural life of the masses of all ethnic groups in the overall situation of the. West District Cultural Arts Center after the start, will be in accordance with the "high standards of planning, quality management, efficient operation" principle, and constantly improve the carrier function and service function, the overall cultural resources, promote all levels in various fields, all kinds of public cultural facilities and open, realize the positive public cultural resources sharing, provide cultural services fine diversification for the public.


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