The effect of forestry ecological construction in Xining in 12th Five-Year

"12th Five-Year" period, adhere to the principle of protecting ecological idea of Xining City, forestry ecological construction totaled 6 billion 410 million yuan investment, the implementation of the ecological engineering construction of a series of mountains, water, city governance, accelerate the construction of the integration of urban and rural ecological green net and the forest coverage rate increased from 28% in 2011 to 32%, the coverage rate increased from 37.13% to 40.5% area of afforestation, park green area per capita increased from 9.5 square meters to 12 square meters, improve environmental quality, to achieve a "built", "three completed ahead" and "six increase" goal.

"a first built". In November 2015, Xining city by the State Forestry Bureau awarded the title of "National Forest City" in the capital city of northwest five provinces in the first successful creation of National Forest City, became the capital city of Northwest only "national garden city" and "National Forest City" double honor.

"three ahead of schedule". First, one year ahead of the completion of collective forest rights system reform tasks. Cumulative completion of the right to issue an area of 3 million 16 thousand and 500 acres, the comprehensive evaluation ranked first in the province. Two is a year ahead of schedule to complete the 100 thousand acres of four green task. Focus on creating a Huangzhong County, Nanshan off Tumen xianggou Jin Song Ping and so many high standard Engineering Afforestation model. Three is one year ahead of schedule to complete the construction of Nanshan ecological barrier two. The implementation of 78 thousand acres of afforestation, planting nearly all kinds of seedlings of nearly 10 million, built red leaves leisure ecological park and the former slope of the small spots 14.Six significantly improved

"". First, the northern and southern ecological green barrier function significantly improved. The cumulative implementation of the high standard of 55 thousand acres of large afforestation, planting seedlings of large specifications of the plant, the completion of the 4 scenic spots and the construction of the small green spots in the 13 areas. In 2012, the construction of ecological green barrier was awarded by the State Ministry of housing". Two is the construction of ecological forestry key projects significantly improved. Completed a total of 1 million 105 thousand acres of afforestation, Forestry Engineering Afforestation 636 thousand and 400 acres, organizing the implementation of 350 new rural village green landscaping work. Xining Nanshan, Huangzhong surrounding Kumbum Monastery, so many chase Jingyang afforestation project by the State Forestry Bureau as a "three high quality project". Three urban green construction is significantly improved. The implementation of the west along the highway, railway (line) along the Golmud and Xiping, west highway transit, Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron on both sides of the green landscape transformation. The implementation of Nanchuan River, Beichuan River, Huangshui River River greening projects, green banks at an average rate of 82.95%. Opened Xingzhi Park, Shek Kip breeze and other 9 major theme parks (Scenic Area), the new park area of 4589.1 acres. Free opening of the people’s Park and other 5 municipal parks. Xining Beishan park built a permanent green space, forming a stretch of 32 kilometers through the city’s green ecological corridor. Four forest ecological security capabilities significantly improved. Promulgated and implemented the "Regulations of the Xining on the greening of the north and the South (Revised)", "the measures for the administration of the permanent green space in the beautiful garden of the North Mountain", "the measures for the administration of Xining urban parks";

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