Xining city government cadres masses of grass-roots work and carry out service

Xining City cadres contact service masses and grassroots work being carried out by the organs and institutions of Party members in countryside "activities combine to carry out the" three services ", focus on the implementation of the" six project ", the main cadres at all levels of time and energy on in-depth understanding of society and public opinion, and the people face to face exchange, Xintiexin service, effectively change the work style of cadres, enhance the ability of cadres to serve scientific development.

three services to enhance service awareness grassroots

the Xining authorities and institutions to carry out the "three assist commitment" and "three link drive", "three service training" activities, to further enhance the service consciousness of grassroots cadres.

to three to help a commitment to promote the party organizations serving the grassroots. Led by the Secretary of the party organs and institutions, to contact the village Party organization to establish and perfect the management of village affairs system, good organizational life, the development of leading industries, promised to do 1-2 matter of rural development, as the point of contact for farmers to get rich facts. Xining City Economic Cooperation Promotion Bureau Party branch in Lee Zhen Lian point Huangzhong County Gan Jia village to carry out "the health and happiness of family assistance action", families choose 2 hard-working rich strong desire but lack of funds, to provide 4000 yuan of funds for their assistance.

to three linked to a drive to promote Party members and leading cadres serving the grassroots. Party members and cadres closely linked to the party members and the ability to get rich masses, coordination of water, electricity, roads and agricultural industry projects, driven by the grassroots economic development. Xining Association for science and technology led by the 2 vice chairman of the Huangzhong County, respectively, to guide the benefit of cattle and sheep breeding Association, Datong County faba bean planting Marketing Association to carry out science work, the use of new technologies, and actively promote the development and progress of the association. Xining City Sports Bureau leadership team members in-depth Dongxia town Datong County to carry out research, put forward the Dong Xia Zhen Kangle hills ski and outdoor training camp project development plan, completed the Kangle villa leisure outdoor sports training project, drive east gap town economic development, increase farmers’ income.

to three service a culture to promote Party members and activists to join the grassroots service. Actively organize the party members and cadres to carry out in-depth contact point of policy advocacy services, science and technology information services, social management services. Xining Literary Federation to carry out, I am a party member, from me, to me, my supervision theme activities, the convenience, benefit, for the people as the first pursuit, and constantly broaden the contact and service channels of the masses. Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department cadres in-depth contact village, communities, enterprises, and the masses of Party members to exchange ideas and help the grassroots and the masses, promote development, and establish the work log system, keep diary, to carry out quantitative assessment.

is currently in Xining City, all the organs and institutions of Party organizations, Party members and leading cadres have established contact, 16 thousand and 900 members of the public institutions 2308 commitments, promises to resolve conflicts and disputes 1744; more than 2000 pieces; helping needy people 13671 people; for the difficulties of the masses do practical good 8077;

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