Over a year of environmental protection, many people abandoned guns

recently, the reporter learned from a number of retail business department of firecrackers, firecrackers firecrackers sales significantly worse than in previous years, sales decreased by about 30% compared with last year’s spring festival. Reporters found that the people of the New Year firecrackers complex gradually fade, have chosen to put or set off firecrackers, lively firecrackers sound a lot weaker.

January 27th, the reporter in a firecracker sales point of observation for half an hour, only an old man to buy 20 yuan firecrackers. This year’s fireworks business is too clear, to buy a lot less than in previous years, and now only sold two hundred or three hundred dollars of goods." The firecrackers business, the majority of businesses that in the same manner, the old people are picking a large firecrackers to buy, because the sound big, happy, but this year to buy less and less, and relatively less to buy, and small firecrackers. Many businessmen said that last year the Spring Festival fireworks sales have declined, partly because of the rising price of fireworks, on the other hand, firecrackers burning will produce soot, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other toxic ingredients, pollution to the air, so some people opted to put less or not put. Businesses said, according to last year’s situation, they will reduce the number of purchases as appropriate, so as not to avoid too many goods to deal with, improper storage of firecrackers, there will be security risks.

interview, many people said that this year to feel the fireworks figure is relatively sparse, firecrackers sound is much less than in previous years. Some time ago, Xining multisectoral initiative of the general public does not set off, less discharge and civilized safety off firecrackers, environmental protection, civilized way to celebrate the Spring Festival, the public’s environmental awareness continues to strengthen. Public housing lady told reporters: we have 3 consecutive years of the New Year firecrackers, even the home shop did not put. Adults do not put, the children at home will not have the awareness of the New Year firecrackers, not noisy, not dangerous, but also environmental protection." Resident Mr. Zhao also said that the past year he will buy thousands of yuan of firecrackers, but this year he changed his idea, with relatives and friends to sing entertainment is the same, in contrast, he is more willing to have a green and safe new year. At the same time, he also suggested that shops, businesses do not put the door to the gun, ceremony guns and so on, because these specifications larger firecrackers, set off a longer time, more serious environmental pollution.


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