Chase remediation scenic environmental effectiveness

in order to better develop the master tourism resources of mountain scenic area, improve the surrounding environment to build the ecological park scenic area, summer tourism brand, in recent years, the county Party committee and government Datong from strengthening the infrastructure construction, with the protection of the ecological environment, put billions of dollars, the implementation of classic mountain surrounding environment comprehensive renovation project, infrastructure improved significantly, significantly improve the level of service, classic mountain scenic areas take on an altogether new aspect.

it is understood that this year, according to the notice, the city of Datong County Province on comprehensive improvement of the tourism environment, strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the atmospheric pollution work, and complete the classic mountains surrounding the demolition project, built the classic mountain tourist center square, scenic tourist service center, management center, parking lot, walking at the foot of the mountain scenic area landscape and around the green, built the old hill concentric lock, Guan Gong statue, Guanyin Dong, lecture hall and the drum tower, the national AAAA level scenic spots to enhance the quality.

in the comprehensive environmental remediation activities, Datong County, the main units of the comprehensive improvement of the scenic area of the specific requirements, standards, scope and tasks. The tourism sector combined with environmental protection, public security, urban construction, urban management, health and other related departments to carry out a comprehensive environmental remediation joint law enforcement inspection, investigation thoroughly, promptly and effectively carry out supervision area comprehensive environmental remediation work. Various scenic spots complement and improve the garbage box, warning signs, warm prompt billboards and other supporting facilities. Master mountain scenic area to invest 1 million 500 thousand yuan to build a national unity wall, maintenance of scenic area management, maintenance of scenic security fence, the construction of tourist toilets. At the same time, the scenic spots do a good job of daily cleaning work, strengthen the civilized tourism publicity and education, rectifying the order of the tourism market, for the majority of visitors to create a safe, healthy, orderly, good tourism environment.


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