10 months of new jobs in Qinghai, 59 thousand and 500 people

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that this year, the province’s people at all levels of society in accordance with the provincial government work arrangements, firmly grasp the people’s livelihood, employment priority line, adhere to both the quantity and the quality, while maintaining stability, innovation, promote employment and entrepreneurship, to maintain the basic stability of the employment situation the goal of the employment work, to complete the task 2 months ahead of schedule. At the end of October, the province’s urban employment 59 thousand and 500 people, employment 1 million 150 thousand people transfer surplus labor in agricultural and pastoral areas, the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.2%, the province’s public employment service agencies and personnel registration of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship has 12856 people, 11266 people, the employment rate of 87.6%.

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