Twenty mile town hit the city work in an orderly manner

is to promote the creation of the national civilized city work, to further improve the level of civilized town, twenty Li Pu Zhen orderly a city, a city the work carried out to ensure that the travel for the masses to create a civilized, orderly, smooth and harmonious living environment.
is a clear goal of creating the city. Create work to ensure the orderly and efficient, the town cadres and workers, community workers, Party members, residents, community volunteers actively participate in creating the city to work, every day work time is 8:00-20:00 minutes, Saturday and Sunday are not rest. Two is to pay close attention to the effectiveness of the work. In September 3rd, a total of 30 tons of garbage to clean up the construction of community, 2 tons of garbage, garbage corner 15; hanging in the town health remediation within a city banner 11, adhere to the early and late harvest "hanging, issued a civilized city to the area units, build better homes" more than 600 copies of brochures, remove the small area 20 building 526 small ads posted no smoking signs more than 25, picking up garbage along the green belt Qinghai University 1000 meters, sent the person responsible for eliminate Guangming Road, two weft Road, Weiyi pedestrian throw rubbish and the rubbish strewn phenomenon; Qinghai University students, twenty-five students started cleaning the campus 15 billboard, 30 a litter of health; launch area all provincial and municipal civilized unit of the area, plant health activities to a wide range of cleaning work; city and greet eighteen held in the campus and the surrounding road suspension set Combined with the contents of the banner; urge the staff to clean up the dead corner of the garbage extended to the family area, so that the first three bags.


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