Xining municipal government party (enlarged) retreat meeting sort out new ideas for speeding up the

In November 7th, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the 2013 municipal government party (enlarged) retreat meeting, with "learning policy, grasp the trend of events, and plan for next year" as the theme, study and understand the relevant policy documents of the State Council, grasp the development trend of Xining, on speeding up the development of event study plan in 2014 focused on the work. Wang Yubo pointed out that the retreat is to better solve practical, what to do and practical problems; pragmatic work, solve the problem of bad work is good. The retreat of the form, in-depth study of the policy, a careful analysis of the situation, a clear direction of development, grasp the opportunities for development, the ultimate aim is to clarify the new ideas for further development of Xining.Responsible comrades of three county four district party members, the

of the government and relevant departments with their work, talk about experience, search experience, main task and hot and difficult work of the government next year in-depth reflection and discussion; put forward new ideas and vision of global and strategic issues related to long-term development of Xining the. On the basis of a careful analysis of the situation, difficulties and problems, as well as various positive factors and favorable opportunities, the paper puts forward the ideas and priorities for next year. Everyone agreed that further systematic study and new requirements for the work in Xining, a series of policy documents issued by the State Council and the provincial government, the municipal Party committee, a careful analysis of the current development situation, to actively plan for good work, I focus on next year’s major projects and key reform tasks; in order to clear the development goals, to seize the development opportunities; to promote quality and efficiency upgrade and transformation of the economic structure, deepening the reform of key areas, efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood, promote steady economic progress and social development.

Wang Yubo in his speech put forward three aspects of the new, first, a profound understanding of the central and provincial government’s new requirements for economic work. The central and provincial government on economic work next year the new requirements are mainly embodied in the "five more attention: pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of development; pay more attention to the role of market mechanism; pay more attention to private investment; pay more attention to the reform and opening up; pay more attention to the people to create a happy life. The eighteen party will draw a new blueprint for China’s economic and social development, general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on different occasions about the economic development of our country’s elaboration, pointed out the future direction of development. Policy and strategy are the life of the party. Learning to master and use good policy is the prerequisite for good work. Two is firmly grasp the new opportunities for the development of Xining. Analysis of the international and domestic economic situation and national policies, the city development new opportunities are mainly embodied in four aspects: macroeconomic stabilization to the good opportunity; accelerate the development opportunities for the development of the western region; to further promote the new urbanization opportunities; ecological environment support consciousness strengthen opportunities. At present, the province’s economic and social development of the main indicators to maintain steady growth, is to further promote the development of national circular economy pilot area, the first area of ecological civilization construction and national unity and progress of advanced area construction, pointed out the policy direction, provides opportunities for the development of Xining. Three is to clarify the new ideas of Xining to speed up the development of. New ideas in the end how new? Reform and innovation;

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