Construction of the medical conjoined people to the nearest medical

According to the national and provincial government on deepening reform of the medical and health system of the work plan, in order to actively construct a Medical Association (hereinafter referred to as "conjoined) new medical service system, and promote the grading clinics, give full play to the role and function of medical institutions at all levels, let the people enjoy basic medical services, Department of the provincial government office recently issued the" Qinghai province construction guidance "Medical Association clear, this year our province to build medical association.

the province with the provincial and municipal (state) level hospitals as the core, explore the establishment of a new mechanism of conjoined operation. Through the medical management, technology, human resources, such as vertical and horizontal flow, enhance the ability of medical services, optimize the allocation of medical resources. Step by step to achieve the first diagnosis, grading clinics, two-way referral medical pattern. The formation of the medical conjoined group adopts the mode of regional medical conjoined, technical cooperation and rural integration. Regional medical conjoined mode to the provincial and municipal (state) of public hospitals as the main body, the articles of Association for the common norms, to manage the connection, by carrying out the vertical management assistance, technical cooperation and personnel exchanges, support equipment and other forms, the formation of the provincial, city (state), a new pattern of regional medical service of county and township level Four linkage. Technical cooperation mode to highlight the characteristics of professional disciplines, through technical cooperation, through the signing of a cooperation agreement, the establishment of technical support, personnel training, two-way referral system, promote the medical body of medical institutions business cooperation. County Rural Integration Model to establish a more closely integrated management of rural health services in rural areas, and strive to improve the service capacity and management level of primary medical institutions.  

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