Plans for 6 years, Xining, North and South Mountain green project started three

in order to achieve the goal of building a national ecological civilization in the first area and the construction of the city of life, the city of happiness, and further consolidate and expand the achievements of the construction of the north and South mountains. From 2015 to 2020. Our province plans to use 6 years to complete the construction of the north and south of Xining City, the three phase of green projects.

May 12th, reporters from the provincial government information office held a press conference learned that a total investment of 2 billion 221 million yuan for the north and south of Xining two mountains three afforestation project construction scope is mainly: Xining to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Huangzhong County, Huangyuan County three of the main channel and the County 23 towns along both sides of the surrounding mountains. Involving the north, East, the city of three districts and municipal green area.

is the three phase of the project will focus on the protection of ecological security, enhance the taste of the city, planning of urban and rural residents, the construction of the beautiful Xining inclusive, with high starting point, high standard, local conditions to build complete point, line and area of forest ecological system. Through the project construction, to be completed in 2020 three during the northern and southern part of Xining mountain afforestation 270 thousand acres, the forest coverage rate increased 2%, to build a green ecological barrier City, lay a solid foundation for promoting the ecological environment in Xining as the center of the eastern city construction group and the national ecological civilization pilot area construction.

Three green project

Xining area north and South Mountain is classified according to different site conditions, water conditions and control measures for afforestation, forest protection project, irrigation facilities construction and road greening construction in 3 parts. The completion of the total area of afforestation 270 thousand acres, and built 1300 kilometers of road, the new pumping station, installation of water pressure pipe, water storage pond, reservoir, water supply pipeline, pipeline laying all buildings.

Xining Forestry Bureau, responsible person, has been launched in 2015, the three phase of the north and South Green Project, has been completed afforestation of 27 thousand acres, facilities and road construction simultaneously. The plan will be completed afforestation area of 44 thousand and 800 acres. The scope of the project involves the north, East, the city of three districts and chase, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, the town of three counties, plans to invest $191 million 410 thousand 11.


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