Disaster prevention and relief work of the provincial Civil Affairs video conference held on the cur

8 3 am, the provincial Civil Affairs Department held a disaster prevention and relief system in the province’s video conference. The meeting stressed that the civil affairs departments at all levels should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the leadership of the State Council and the provincial government to quickly implement the important speech, the current disaster prevention and disaster relief in order to ensure the safety of the people first, and effectively protect the resettlement of affected people have food to eat, clothes to wear, have clean water to drink, disease timely medical treatment, temporary residence security.

the meeting pointed out that by the super El Nino effect, since this year, the province’s natural disasters caused a total of 38 counties, 198 towns 743 thousand people were affected, 11 people were killed and 14 thousand and 300 people evacuated; crops affected area of 76 thousand hectares, 7 thousand hectares of grassland, destroyed 276 hectares of arable land; 407 houses collapsed, 6400 severely damaged 44 thousand, the general damage; the death tolls livestock 2466 (only), 14450 sheep, 1 billion 460 million yuan in direct economic losses. The province’s disaster over the same period last year significantly.

meeting on the current and future disaster relief work has made arrangements for the deployment. First, strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen coordination with departments to ensure effective and orderly development of disaster relief work. The two is to do a good job of disaster consultation, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and strive to cover the village, the implementation of the people. Three is to carry out hidden investigation, decisive evacuation of the transfer, for the undead, less wounding. Four is to do a temporary resettlement of victims, to protect the safety of civil facilities, to ensure that the province’s civil affairs system itself is not an accident, the undead. Five is to strengthen the protection of relief supplies, increase reserves and call capacity, ensure 8-12 hours after the disaster in the basic livelihood of the affected people get preliminary relief. Six is the strict disaster reporting, scientific assessment of disaster losses, to avoid delaying omission, eliminate concealed. Seven is to plan in advance down the housing reconstruction, use of flood emergency relief funds, to ensure that the masses in the back room before the winter, at the latest before the Spring Festival next year moved into new homes. Eight is concerned about the dynamics of public opinion on the Internet, do a good job in disaster relief and public opinion guidance, and constantly enhance the awareness and ability of the masses of disaster prevention.


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