Xining East District 72 households actively help solve problems

Xining city district government in Wenfeng Tsui district court 72 households reflect the residents travel difficult, not around the community pharmacies and food market "problem attaches great importance to the principal leaders of the district into the community, a detailed understanding of the situation, the first time to convene the relevant person in charge of the meeting, to implement the requirements of the fine work idea, each home to understand the needs of the people, to come up with practical ways to solve practical difficulties and problems of the tenants reflect.

it is understood that the East District food and drug administration, Bayi Road Subdistrict Office and the community garden send staff with the problem investigated 25, building 26, living in the blind family Wenfeng Tsui district court, in accordance with the requirements of the district leadership will be every Tuesday, Zhou Liuding fixed the date of the service to help the blind families to buy rice vinegar sauce and other daily medicine according to the article, to carry out meticulous management in various different difficulties, family style service ", any difficulties encountered in life of these special people, you can directly call the area grid telephone, community grid member will be the first time to solve their problems. In addition, the community is blind family and residents issued a "Tibet Garden community care heart card, announced the area grid member name and phone number, residents have difficulty can always find the community to help build the community and the jurisdiction of the masses, heart to heart service zero distance communication bridge.

on the 5 special hardship families, designated all-weather service, district food and drug administration to send community medical staff, family doctor at least once a week to 5 difficulties families songyisongyao, health counseling and other medical services, and effectively solve the practical difficulties and problems of the blind family. The concept of the fine work to implement the specific actions for the masses to solve the problem, the family style convenience services reflected in the lives of residents in a bit. (author: Su Jianping)

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