This year, Xining issued 620 license

A pet dog crazy, people have been bitten by a stray dog, who was in the building from the barking of the dog got mad, the city dog affects the lives of many people. In December 6th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau dog management office, Xining City dog Accreditation Center was informed that from January to December at the beginning of this year, issued a total of 620 pieces of dog registration, the number and expected there is a big gap. At night, the building was barking up the upstairs, downstairs tenants; hurry hurry, suddenly found the dog, the travelers had an emergency "brake"; on the road, suddenly a big dog running around, timid woman fleeing…… On the dog suffering from the call, the newspaper news hotline received a lot of 96369. Xining City Public Security Bureau dog management office, Xining city police dogs Accreditation Center said that in recent years, with the city of dogs increased, business complaints are also increasing, because the dog and the neighborhood disputes are also increasing, dog bites do also occur. In order to strengthen the management of dogs and regulate the behavior of raising dogs, the regulations of Xining Municipality on the administration of raising dogs were put into effect on January 1, 2011. However, after the implementation of this local regulations, dog mentality is different, some support, and some wait and see, there are people questioned, making Xining dog registration work is slow. Earlier this year, in order to further strengthen the management of dogs, public security, agriculture, animal husbandry, urban management, health, industry and commerce, food and Drug Administration and other departments issued a circular calling for the dog in a timely manner to support the dog registration certificate.  

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