Xining is equipped with teaching equipment for primary and secondary schools for three years to vote

from last year, Xining ready to invest 580 million yuan in funds for the past three years, the city’s primary and secondary schools equipped with teaching equipment.

November 12, 2012, the provincial education department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance three departments with 4 billion 800 million yuan of funds, the implementation of primary and secondary schools "the equipment compliance plan, campus planning, campus planning of warm sunshine, beautiful campus plan and practice site plan", and focus on solving the building’s primary and secondary schools teaching building, student canteen and dormitory, teaching instruments and equipment, books and educational information etc.. By 2014, the province’s primary and secondary schools, long-term retention of the township following the school buildings, student canteen, dormitory area, educational technology equipment and the informatization of education will reach the provincial standardized school standards.

in this context, Xining plans to invest 580 million yuan of funds with a period of three years. Currently, Xining has issued 222 million yuan of special equipment funds. At the same time, Xining this year to start 41 standardized school construction projects, plans to invest 440 million yuan in 2013, the implementation of the Qinghai Huangchuan middle school two schools, thirteenth Middle School of Xining city 30 projects.


education layout of Xining City, the existing 414 types of schools at all levels (including 273 primary school, 131 middle schools, 8 vocational schools, 2 special education schools), 309 kindergartens, primary schools and kindergartens in the city with 349 thousand and 500 students. (author: Chen Jun)

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