Xining verification part of the extension of the case submitted

reporter recently learned from the Xining municipal real estate authority, from November 1, 2015 to 10 in November 2015, the Ministry of finance has been on the part of the extension of the case submitted for verification. Among them, the key project of the extension sought enterprises 2# building, Lido Daxing source century Haihong Haihong mansion, No. nine. No. one. Apartments, Zijin Jiayuan, wells Lane central business district.

as a result of real estate developers are expected to house, while the house, many of the main building has not come out. Therefore, most of the developers are selling side, while the return of funds continue to invest in construction. During the construction process, there are many factors that can not be expected, may lead to the extension of building construction, can not be submitted on time.

so, after the emergence of this situation, only the developers and consumers in accordance with the contract to deal with the responsibility of breach of contract.


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