Chase 57 million 70 thousand to build a beautiful village of 26

for the smooth progress of Datong County, beautiful rural construction, improve the rural living environment, heritage of local traditional culture, this year, the county will invest 57 million 70 thousand yuan to build a high standard of the beautiful village of 26.

it is understood that the county focus on the overall development of production, affluent life, civilization, clean and tidy village, democratic management "in the construction of new socialist countryside, in order to protect the rural housing construction and the village environment as the key to strengthen the construction of infrastructure and the provision of basic public services as the support, from the preparation of the village construction planning and increase the income of farmers and strengthen the collective economy, strengthen the building of grassroots organizations, the implementation of the village engineering characteristics of seven projects, build a village style, a village, a village style characteristic plateau beautiful village.

at the same time, the county focused on mining folk culture, to create a national characteristics of the village. Shishan Xiang Hua Jian Cun, Jingyang Town Village, Changning Zhen Gan Gou door 10 Hui village, highlight the distinctive Islamic style, with unique patterns, Hui dome; Chengguan Town, Zhuang Xun rang Xiang Gou, wusheng country Yangshan 6 Tu Qinglin village, cultural connotation of prominent Tu. Will the unique folk customs and unique heritage Village story as a symbol; to Xiang Ma Zhuang Cun, as this plateau beautiful countryside construction only Tibetan village folk culture into the architectural style, the construction of Tibetan and Chinese characters culture wall, show charming charm of Tibetan village.


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