Eight poverty alleviation measures will benefit the disabled

February 18th, reporters from the province in 2016 the Federation work conference that the eight measures to reduce poverty will accelerate under the new normal disabled well-off process, to win the war and poverty alleviation in building a well-off society in the process, and never let a disabled left behind.

it is understood that, in order to grasp the winning battle poverty disabled this historical opportunity, our province to poverty alleviation work for the disabled into a comprehensive government plan, help the disabled income poverty, eight poverty alleviation measures will benefit the disabled: one is the implementation of the development of education to establish and implement the poverty of preschool 3 years exemption fee, compulsory education 9 years of exempt tuition and textbook fees. Two is the implementation of off-site relocation out of poverty, to take the nearest centralized resettlement village, the construction of resettlement village resettlement, appropriate to increase the relocation of families with disabilities subsidies. The three is the development of characteristic industry out of poverty, and encourage their participation in plant breeding, Thangka production, Internet plus training project. Four is to carry out medical insurance and medical assistance from poverty, continue to implement key projects such as relief of disabled children, the implementation of basic medical and serious illness reimbursement system full coverage. Five is the implementation of social insurance and social assistance reveal out of poverty, the disabled and other support measures to promote the full coverage of basic welfare subsidy system. Six is the implementation of the transfer of employment out of poverty, carry out orders, such as integrated use of various recruitment Posts occupation training project resources. The seven is to explore the income of assets from poverty, the establishment of the disabled industry poverty alleviation rolling development fund to support poor people to invest in agriculture and animal husbandry, etc.. Eight is the implementation of ecological protection out of poverty, according to the proportion of new ecological post placement.


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