North District Board of Education held a meeting on the opening of the fall

to arrange early second half of the work of education and teaching, to ensure that the 2012 fall semester work smoothly, the morning of August 29th, the North District Education Bureau held a working meeting of the fall semester, the district education bureau Party members of the team, the Department authority responsible person, the region of the primary and secondary school principals, Vice Principals and school middle-level cadres, more than 200 people attended the meeting.
will, according to the Bureau of education Party members of the team in charge of their own content, separately from the party building, discipline, education fees, school management, teaching and research, comprehensive management, livelihood projects, civilization, campus security and other aspects of the new semester work carried out a detailed deployment. The District Education Party Secretary Han Yahui on the region’s education work put forward five requirements: one is to fully mobilize all the staff to the campus and the surrounding environment, to further improve and perfect the work of creating the city archives, strengthen the civilized etiquette education students, and strive to create a good atmosphere of a city through various forms, to create a national civilized city civilization index evaluation work; two is the school leadership to strengthen learning, improve the ability to plan for the future development of the school to school, with the construction of the provincial standard, on the school campus for rational planning, development goal and plan of the school, to create high-quality educational resources; three is to increase the teachers exchange rotation efforts to improve the teaching ability of teachers, improve the school district education level, narrowing the gap with other brothers counties; The four is to continue to further promote the fine management, to renew the idea of management, efforts to improve the school fine management level; five is the education system to the general staff in the District seven session of the four plenary meeting of the district Party committee secretary Wang Jianfeng spoke in accordance with the requirements, put all thoughts and energy to implement, and resolutely overcome poor implementation and results aliasing phenomenon; resolutely overcome protracted, buck passing phenomenon; overcome the grandiose, flashy without substance, and encourage innovation, with the spirit of daring to dare to try.