Agricultural super docking, so that the food basket straight vegetable garden

"here the Jiuhuang five dollars, good affordable ah!" The new year’s Eve morning, Xining City Pengcheng Liu Village farmers market outside the crowd The stream never stops flowing. racket. Outside the market, people eager to panic buying today special offer dishes in the market face Jiuhuang; shops row winding Changlong; fruit and vegetable TanQian flow crowds, so busy but a word of explanation! The word "province" behind, is Pengcheng farmers market homegrown agricultural super docking mode, so that the "vegetable basket" through "vegetable garden" will fall on people who really benefits.

"outside the Jiuhuang eight dollars, this is only five dollars, the cucumber is also cheaper than other places 60 Fen, indeed very affordable, the market opened since I did not go to other places to buy vegetables. You see, I bought so much, you can enjoy the new year." Liu, who lives in the Lake District, carrying two bags of vegetables happily told reporters. This sounds almost no profit trading, how to maintain the interests of traders? Pengcheng farmers market manager Zhang Xiangyu told reporters weiweidaolai.

The original

, as early as last May, with the policy support of the government, Liu Zhai Pengcheng farmers market has established four homegrown Vegetable & Fruit base, located in Ledu District, East Sea city mutual Tu Autonomous County, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, a total of more than 70 greenhouses, planting melon, yellow chives, watermelon and eggplant pepper, Vegetable & Fruit formed, funded by the government for the local farmers to build greenhouses, farmers market and the signing of the agreement, farmers for production, farmers market sales is responsible for loading agricultural super docking mode, to avoid the profit any intermediate links, and stimulate the local economy, driven by the base of the employment of more than and 100 people, more than and 200 people increase.

"we direct docking form, that is, from the vegetable garden directly into the market, the price is only picking price, the maximum profit to consumers." Pengcheng farmers market general manager Cheng Jianhua said.


in the morning, Cheng Guangqun busy awfully greengrocer, this has more than ten years experience of "old greengrocer said," the market base of the dishes every day there are two or three kind of special offer food, usually more than half the price cheaper than outside, and this year he is busy, it also brings considerable income ten million yuan. Manage the fruit of Huang Xiujun, more than a year ago in Guangdong to do a clothing business, this year to sell fruit also earn money. Speaking of income she smiled: Apple 8 yuan outside, I am here $6.5, small profits and quick turnover, service in place, a lot better than selling clothes."


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