Beijing fruit drinks – how time to join the

for small investors, want to enjoy their leisure life, it is more suitable to open a beverage store, such as the fruit of the time is a beverage shop to meet the needs of your drinks store. As everyone knows, in all business projects, to open a beverage shop is the most convenient, the investment cost of small business profits have been high, but also by a lot of investors, then joined the fruit drink shops time after time to join Beijing fruit which will join the service website? To understand the details, we work together look!

fresh fruit drinks to join? Fruit time join service introduction:

1, the market start service: fresh fruit time headquarters will provide all kinds of guidance in the early operation of the market, to ensure that those who join the time to start fresh fruit market, rapid operation.

2, regional protection services: fruit time franchise stores in various cities and counties to join the strict implementation of regional protection policies to regulate the market order.

3, advertising services: fresh fruit time headquarters will continue in newspapers, magazines, Internet and other media across the board to ensure that the brand awareness.

4, opening with a store service: fresh fruit time to join the headquarters has a professional operation and supervision of the door to open business guidance, so that you really do shop worry free.

5, product update services: fresh fruit every quarter of the quarter will be based on changes in the market will not launch new products, leading the market trend of consumption.

6, marketing services: the implementation of strong, highly targeted holiday marketing and promotional activities to ensure that sales are steadily rising.

7, system training services: fresh fruit time to join the headquarters of a comprehensive system of training, regardless of whether the franchisee has the experience to make you a real expert.

8, tracking and supervision services: fruit time headquarters for the range of franchise assessment, assessment, comments, in-depth discussion, to help improve and enhance their own.

Beijing fruit time to join the official website of the whole store to join the output of the policy, there are strict operating procedures, the high efficiency of the meal, as long as 1-3 minutes, a cup of 8-13 dollars, taste great. Fresh fruit drinks are now sold, no chef, no fumes, master hand taught core technology, no production experience can also grasp the essentials, easy to learn.

if you would like to join the investment in this fresh fruit drinks shop, please give us a message at the bottom of our website, we will see the message after the staff to contact you.


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