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life, a lot of people when job-hunting, are likely to face such a choice: to select one of their love, but not high wages or go to a company; he does not love, but higher pay company? If you, how would you choose? Is to love, or choose the challenging work?


this problem is almost all entrepreneurs in the business, can not avoid the choice of entrepreneurship, is to choose the creation of an own love company? Or choose to create a Unlimited Business Opportunities, more likely to be successful company? Social entrepreneurs love to talk about your passion for work however, when faced with a choice, they will always choose the most easy way to success.

choose this road is also very reasonable, after all, everyone will start on the road in a flat road, when faced with a choice, it is sometimes visible for something too warm, is not rational, the final choice is often those who appear relatively large probability of success road.

back to the original question, in the face of career choices, if half of the people choose their favorite job, while the other half of the people choose a high paying job. After making such decisions, who will work hard? Who can quickly succeed? I think, the result is obvious, to choose their own love of work, will be more efforts to realize their dreams, to choose a high paying jobs, their risk seems to be some more, but those who do. Love, seemingly easy job, it can guarantee to speed the workplace successful


is here again "relaxed" what is it? It’s something interesting, in our life, if you love to do something you love, but there is no challenging thing, or do something you don’t love, but challenging things, just to a swallow as a result, had a hard time, then it can easily happen? In any case choice, choose a job you love, and choose a high salary job, between the two results is getting close.

This is the

two option there’s no right or wrong, choose a job that I love, by the success of the enthusiasm to irrigation work, seems to make people more passionate to work, the likelihood of success seems to be more important; selection of well paid people at work seems to be for those benefits, in the course of time, may lose enthusiasm for work, never to try to succeed.

is not everyone will face such a choice, in fact, there is also a love of your own, and wages have considerable work, but on the road, if you need to make a choice, is to choose a self love venture? Or a challenging and successful project in the end? How to pick



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