What are the principles of the new car decoration

we both owners, or a car beauty shop operators, the new car decoration will be very focused. In short, to buy a new car, the owners will certainly be decorated, so that the new car has its own style and taste. What are the new car decoration? New car decoration also has certain principles, standards and precautions, the following, for you to talk about: new car decoration principles!

overall effect: coordination and durability

it was pointed out that car decoration should be forward-looking, this concept is quite good, it is worth your reference. Over the years, people’s aesthetic perception is often rapidly changing, and car decoration is often a more complex need to spend more time and energy. Too much catching up with the trend in the actual use may not be very good, often only less than a year on the new car is a bit out of breath, must be considered again updated interior.

therefore, it is recommended to y consider the personal taste of the new car decoration and the original style of the vehicle, as far as possible to make the car inside and outside the color harmony and unity. In particular, do not mess up the main layout of the original car pattern. Because as the main body of the car, from the shell to the gearbox, the dashboard has certain rules, it is difficult to completely replace the original car on the basis of the modification is desirable.

to modify the car’s audio system, for example, the lower level of the car is often sealed and so poor, even if the installation of a senior audio will also be larger because of the noise inside the car is difficult to achieve good sound. The more high-end car itself sound system quality is good, whether it is worth considering the need for careful modification. Therefore, the principle of harmony is the most important.

addition, decorative material is also an important factor in the firm. If there are small things on the way down from the car body, or make a bad sound, certainly not conducive to safe driving. Many bright colors of the interior material is often easy to fade, a little cleaning or how long it will become very old, you have to spend money to re decoration, it is very troublesome.

three principles: practical, safe, comfortable

for new car decoration, the first consideration is practical.

For example,

novice is particularly afraid of bumps with a reversing radar "courage", the hot weather the sun dazzling on film to protect the paint and protect the chassis of armored chassis, car wax and glazing, these are very practical decoration. Some cars because of the configuration is not low in the central door locks, power windows, if it is not convenient to upgrade. As for the open sunroof, for advanced audio can be a period of time after mature consideration to do.

security is relatively easy to ignore the car decoration. Someone changed the steering wheel to a professional racing side

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