Chinese young overseas students entrepreneurial base for returnees to create escort

young entrepreneurs are the mainstay of China’s innovation and entrepreneurship, this group includes not only the domestic entrepreneurs, but also including overseas students. Zhuhai has established a base for young students to study in China, providing entrepreneurial guidance for students.

"Chinese youth entrepreneurship base" in the days before Zhuhai Hengqin · Macao youth entrepreneurship Valley held the opening ceremony. At the same time, WRSA · China overseas students association also inaugurated the "foreign country base in Zhuhai".

is located in Hengqin Hengqin port near · Macao youth entrepreneurship Valley, is China (Guangdong) free trade zone, Zhuhai Hengqin area focus on building the incubation platform. Through the establishment of 2 billion yuan to set up Hengqin Macao Youth Venture Capital guidance fund, has been allowed to settle in the start-up companies to provide at least 90 years of free office space and other professional incubation services.

"settled in Hengqin · Macao youth entrepreneurship valley ‘gain’ entrepreneurs, in the enjoyment of Zhuhai overseas students support policies at the same time, can also enjoy a total of nearly 10 of the free trade area and Hengqin Valley entrepreneurs preferential policies." Zhuhai Hengqin CMC Deputy Secretary Ye Zhen said.

for Zhuhai and "returnees" comprehensive exchanges, and supported the "China youth entrepreneurship base", "foreign country Zhuhai base construction, Zhuhai Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League in the student Festival launched a" talent exchange and Project Cooperation Department of the sea Jing "in the name of the service platform. "Sea Jing sink" opening 7 hours, received a total of 1035 copies of your resume recruiters, which students resume 56 copies; 63 shows the project site roadshow, attracted more than 140 business departments, financial departments, venture capital departments and enterprises responsible person to participate in activities, 32 projects reached a preliminary cooperation agreement.

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