The World Resort ten brands list – the whole

whether it is because the work pressure is too large, or because of the economic conditions of the rich, in short, the holiday has become the current choice of countless people. In today’s society, is the most expensive to enjoy recover the original simplicity. There is no telephone, no TV, the house is covered with thatch, the front of the house has its own private beach, guests can dive here, boating, playing golf or walking around the island. This is the description of the resort, so the world’s top ten resort hotel which is the ten? Let Xiaobian to the secret of the world’s ten largest resort hotel brand list.

World Resort ten brand list NO1- Wakaya club

is located on the Pacific island of Fiji Wakaya Club price: $1900 / day, have a beautiful garden of Fiji Wakaya Club fees are staggering, and the club provides guests staying at least lived for 5 days! The price includes all meals, free guide clothing cleaning, golf and tennis coach, guests can play croquet here, canoeing, day 2 can also be used for diving. There is no need to worry about personal life, the hotel is equipped with at least 3 people for you to send, including private drivers and private chef. Of course, the consumption here is quite amazing, the price is about $1200 per person per day, if you are willing to throw money at the tourists may wish to try oh.

World Resort Hotel ten brand list NO2-W Hotel

W hotel is Starwood’s global modern luxury lifestyle brand, its official position is Lifestye brand, the industry generally classified as a large Boutique Hotel route. Inspire inspiration, create a trend, bold innovation in the hotel industry W far-reaching impact, providing guests with the ultimate stay experience.

World Resort Hotel ten brand list NO3- Amani Residence Hotel Dubai

Other facilities such as the tower

Dubai Luxury Apartments, clothing stores, swimming pool, spa club, senior personal business suites and located on the 124 floor overlooking the Dubai viewing platform are Italy fashion designer George Goods are available in all varieties., and · Armani will build the first Amani Residence Hotel in the building. This hotel will be the flagship store of Amani Residence Hotel global chain, all the interior decoration, furniture design all follow the Armani brand style.

World Resort Hotel ten brand list NO4- Hotel Positano

Hotel Positano is located in Rome, Classic 2 Hotel. Hotel Positano is the best place for you to come to Rome. Here, a warm and soft, quietly placed in the hope of travel, you set

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