Well, suddenly got dumped, from adorable face to Faceu, Guo column entrepreneurial roller coaster

face Meng burst of red has been more than a year ago, and now the Guo column, the main time is pondering the new product in the office. One day to work in the early morning, suddenly felt a burst of dizziness and palpitations, he felt he could not work, and quickly let his colleagues hit 120. Lying in an ambulance, he wanted to die, how do parents, entrepreneurial brothers, girlfriend? However, I would like to, because if the business hung, may last a headline. It is just a false alarm, the doctor only is asked not to worry, learn to relax.

of course, now he does not have to rely on sacrifice themselves to the headlines, it is in the night, he led the young man video social product Faceu, first login APP ranking list. They became China only a continuous two products are top ranked overall standings young entrepreneurial team, the first product is adorable face. Adorable and face success is completely different, the success of the former is more like a surprise, there is a feeling in the lottery, but the Faceu team is hard grinding for more than a year, and continuously adjust and continue to reverse the result of efforts, this is their goal is expected. But the whole process is not so smooth, struggling all the way.

Faceu will never become the next face MOE

in the face Meng hot, the team tried to add some social elements in the face MOE, which is relatively easy. Later want to do with a barrage of function of the circle of friends, but have to give up half way, "the starting point of the product is wrong". WeChat is too large, the circle of friends is too complex chain of relationships, students, colleagues, teachers, elders, bosses, etc., the chain complex. "We want to be outside the WeChat, do a completely belong to young people’s social products". Guo column said a detail, when he is going to the ambulance that day, the first thing is to withdraw from the WeChat login information, "too much, it can not stand the bombing".

if the stage is the face of the face of the image of the era, it is now the era of video. "Small coffee show, B station, beauty products such as A new force suddenly rises. illustrates the problem, a short video has become the most popular way of expression of young people. Different from WeChat, Faceu they want to solve is a direct shot, direct hair. What you see is now. Rather than reading photos and videos from the local, the user will be the most simple operation. Our goal is to make Faceu the first choice for young people to replace WeChat social." Now Faceu users, 60% of women, about 20% of men, unknown to 20%. Guo said: "for unknown sex, how to understand. I can only say that young users are really different now."

Faceu will have been added to the original monotonous MOE and social elements. MOE culture is deeply welcomed by Asian users, especially in Japan and South Korea in the middle of the current trend of elements. Meng originated from Japanese animation, and now has become a symbol of youth groups and social means, from the edge of the culture has gradually become a universal cultural phenomenon, deep

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