Five start the true saying

modern society friends would like to venture a lot, some successful people fail, we can only say that we are not discouraged, a moment of success and failure can not represent what, five entrepreneurs want to be able to bring you the true saying, good luck. The founding first Lide, healthypersonality. To do anything, from the beginning of life. Starting from life, in order to succeed in business, you must first understand the truth of life. Here, China business network summed up the five words, as long as entrepreneurs understand these five words of truth, can change the life of entrepreneurial journey.

second sentence: life is a process.

third sentence: the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line.

in the relationship between people and the process of doing things, it is very difficult for us to get it done. Sometimes we need to wait, sometimes we need cooperation, sometimes we need skill. We do things will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and sometimes we do not have to stiffness and hard, we can choose to bypass the difficulties, there are obstacles to go around, and maybe do things more smoothly. You think about it, we have to talk to someone else to think about what to say. Especially in China, the more complex society, we must learn to find ways to forgive others, to make people think you are very mature, very good, you can make things. Note: if you are counting

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