SnapChat listed next year is now doing these preparations

after reading behind the burning application of Snapchat company to prepare the market next year.

news today, Snap is preparing for IPO related materials, plans to be submitted by the end of this year or late March next year, to the U.S. securities regulatory agencies to apply for listing. They plan to raise $4 billion to raise funds to seek the company to reach 250-350 billion market capitalization.

is currently listed on the eve of the Snap, the company has made some positive efforts in terms of financial figures and ownership structure.

according to insiders revealed that this year due to the growth of Snap video advertising sales revenue is expected to reach $300 million. However, according to the Snap F round of financing data obtained in May this year, TechCrunch, they only made $59 million in operating income last year.

‘s revenue grew by 408% this year. In order to come up with a beautiful statement listed, Snap has given up "resolutely do not learn a collection of user privacy Internet advertising model, to plans to launch targeted advertising, advertising for a user according to the content of the information owners can watch, the accurate positioning of advertising.


2017, Snap optimistic estimate revenue will reach $1 billion.

In addition to the performance of

in front of IPO has been a substantial increase in Snap daily active users also rose a lot. By the end of 2015, 110 million people a day use Snap, up by 50%. Now the number of days of Snap has reached 150 million.


Snapchat applications every day more than 10 billion times the number of video playback, and is widely considered the largest online video site YouTube, all video daily viewing times is 1 billion, with Snap less than 0.

Snap took the beautiful financial and operating figures can attract more investors, and they are ready to issue recently with "super voting" shares to the company founder, is to ensure that after the listing of the company to maintain control of the Snap.

from The Information and Bloomberg information to see, Snap has recently issued a new group of C shares, each class C shares with ten shares of common stock voting rights. After the issuance, Snap founding team has 89% voting rights as a whole, before they had only about 45% of the voting rights.

Snap two founder, chief executive officer Evan Spiegel and chief technology officer Bobby Murphy after this round of stock issuance to retain control of the company’s 74%.

listed companies using this A, B share ownership structure in the United States is more common, such as Google>

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