The nipple ten brand list – the whole

now which child does not have one or two nipples, which, after all, is a direct contact with the baby’s mouth, so the quality is very critical. So, which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the nipple of the top ten brands, so as to help parents can choose to more appropriate nipple products.

nipple ten brands list NO.1, NUK:

is a famous brand of high quality baby products produced by MAPA company in Germany, which enjoys a high reputation in the world market. Especially the world’s first closest to breast feeding automatic air inlet simulation nipple, with its unique features and advantages of There is nothing comparable to this mother and baby, is the world’s favorite, creating a new trend of the world of nipple.

nipple ten brands list NO.2, Pigeon:


(Pigeon) is a Japanese brand of baby products, in 1949 launched the first "screw cap type wide mouth bottle" in Japan, compared with the previous line, more clean, to the 1968 Pigeon bottle in the Japanese market share has reached 80% in 1977, a design for the frail and upper lip a special baby bottle has become incomplete, leading Japanese baby products professional manufacturers, at the same time in the world also plays an indelible role.

nipple ten brands list NO.3, Dr. Brown:

1996, Dr. Brown designed the first functional bottle, in 1997 to obtain international patents. Dr. Brown? Good smooth bottle is the first to have a gas guiding system of the bottle, it follows the principle of breastfeeding, completely solve the traditional bottle can not overcome the vacuum, air bubbles, negative pressure and other feeding problems. Dr. Brown’s bottle has received many awards and accolades from the medical community.

nipple ten brands list NO.4, IVORY:

IVORY is a famous brand of baby products, enjoys a high reputation in the same industry in the country, the main products are the production and sales of bottles, pacifiers and other in accordance with the national hygiene standard, is also in line with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration International (FDA), the European EN and Britain’s BS and other related standards, the company in 2007 registered trademarks of "IVORY IVORY" won the A Well-Known Trademark in China, 2007 IVORY IVORY bottles, pacifiers were rated as brand-name products in Fujian province.

and ten brands list NO.5, RIKANG:

Zhejiang RIKANG Baby Products Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in baby products development, design.

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