How to be a young town restaurant O2O stumbled

the twelfth lunar month twenty-six night, the last home, via a temple. Last year new year’s Eve, a 10 people in the new year the first incense, staying-up late on new year’s Eve, people wishing to fire home delivery Business Flourishes Hot pot.

that time, just took the campus of the University of China to go back to his hometown to prepare takeaway hot pot. This venture is affixed to the O2O fashion label, everyone felt, "fuckedup".

a year after the Spring Festival to return home, I can’t wait to go home luggage, will be invited to telephone the stalls. East Sichuan town late at night, small wine and meat together, have a story. The story is "the year of the Chinese entrepreneur".

Hua Hao state tanxing not strong. He explained: "dinner wine just woke up, this is the second game, a little cold." Push cup change between the light that fire is now on the verge of collapse. I drink to comfort him: "it seems that this year do not have to go to the temple votive."

from "Xiaohua" to "Chinese boss"

2014, Hua Hao bid farewell to college life, brewing for a long time to finally have the opportunity to implement entrepreneurial ideas, but he did not know exactly what to do. After graduation, he found a job in Chongqing, while the completion of the transformation of the mentality of students, while thinking about how entrepreneurship. "Work for others is certainly not good, have to do their own work. But to do it, it must be something to eat."

entrepreneurial direction of choice, based on his judgment on the economic environment, the downturn in recent years, the business is not good to do. Basic necessities of life inside, you can wear almost, not tourism, not wards, but only eat this thing, no matter how everyone to eat right, to earn money to treat human contacts."

he analyzed the economic situation of this methodology, within a reasonable range. Sichuan border, there is an almost religious pursuit for food and drink. Even if enlarged to a national perspective, dinner is also a kind of cultural idea rooted in social ritual.

quit his job after three months in Chongqing and went to Guangxi alone. He noted that many seafood ingredients in Sichuan and Chongqing are purchased from Guangxi coastal port, intended to go to see, the ultimate goal is to open up a line from Guangxi to Chongqing seafood frozen goods logistics channel. But in Guangxi a few months after the loss, because of the high cost, the plan failed. Sichuan, Chongqing Hua Hao from the dense, looking for new business ideas.

was in Chengdu, the rise of the hot pot takeaway, very novel." Howard did not understand at the time, whether consumers really have the need to eat hot pot at home, eating hot pot at home too much to solve?."

Hua Hao decided to work hard to study the hot pot takeaway mode in Chengdu, after the copy back to the county. They just do a takeaway platform, get the goods from the existing hot pot store, to the consumer’s home, then go to the pot after eating. Platform to hot pot shop about 30% service fee." Hua Hao said, "if in store, labor costs, profits can be up to Hot pot shop dishes.

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