Small business of the five major projects

current entrepreneurs, most of them do not have enough money, only the dream of entrepreneurship, but we can not kill the dream of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to find a suitable business without the project. Below, small series will share with you the first choice of the venture.

Family planning policy:

such stores generally in large hospitals (especially women and children’s Hospital) side, preferably near a large community, so it is easy to centralized marketing. Publicity way to recruit business staff, the implementation of the distribution of one to one marketing brochure is preferred. For example, the clerk in the baby to see the parents, not to talk about making souvenirs from "haircut" to start, such as "the baby looks really cute, but his hair is long, narrow the psychological distance with the parents to the hospital; the distribution of information the best time in the afternoon 6 points to 7 points this is between mothers and their families to eat the visiting time, the success rate will be relatively high, but we must be careful not to disturb the maternal rest, in order to avoid invidious.

by high quality and preferential services, in order to create a reputation effect. Word of mouth is a great force, in order to win more customers, only to provide customers with more convenient. For example, the establishment of the region can provide free on-site service; cumulative consumption to a certain extent can provide a certain value of goods and services; also with the pediatric experts, to provide free counseling for the target customers…… These can improve the customer’s trust in the product and the

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