Catering enterprises how to do bigger and stronger these points to consider

a person no matter what the status of the identity of the total or to eat, so the food and beverage industry does not worry about no market, is a very worthwhile investment in the industry. For catering enterprises, want to improve their competitiveness should pay attention to the following factors.

cuisine. Is to determine the factors of cuisine products which were mainly modulated, knife. This must be in line with the consumption habits and consumer preferences of the consumer groups around two. In addition, the cuisine culture, dishes, such as color and fragrance to adapt to the nearby consumer groups. Otherwise, consumers often choose not to eat their own food habits.

the price factor. Price is an important factor in determining whether consumers have purchasing power. If the price and income level around the consumer groups are incompatible, that is to say the price positioning is not accurate, there will be a lot of people often come to the consumer, thus causing income greatly reduced, even lower than the cost.

service factors. Service factor is the sum of the various elements of catering services and ancillary services provided by catering enterprises. Including the concept of service, attitude, norms, etc., these factors tend to determine whether the food and beverage business is a key factor in repeat customers, but also one of the most important elements.


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