The location has a knack for their sweeping grassroots Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is not easy, grassroots entrepreneurship is not easy, so need to consider more comprehensive. Today, we do a summary of grassroots entrepreneurial site selection skills, I hope to help entrepreneurs grassroots group. Grassroots entrepreneurship site tips, go to sweep the streets can be found Feng shui. Street, is you personally or sent to the on-the-spot investigation, the scene found the locations of available time.


1, street area is determined.

must develop a detailed road map in the streets, superstition, in order to avoid duplication or omission.

2, ready for sweeping tool.

3, 2008 personnel on-site investigation.

on the underground store rental information, grassroots entrepreneurs once found to immediately contact the understanding of the basic situation, and recorded in the "basic housing situation table", the best scene of the house or the agreed time showings. Assuming that the site meets the basic conditions, but also to shoot a variety of photos inside and outside the store, so that others can get a rational view.

4, do a complete record and summary.

5, distinguished evaluation, negotiation on alternative locations of all, until the final signing.

because of good location usually have many competitors in the grab, so you can also search and negotiation, to ensure that the first time to lose a good location.

the location, on your business is good, what is good, when you will find the real business. Entrepreneur has a knack for location, do not want to spend too much money, and want to find Feng Shui, the streets are very effective addressing mode.


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