Network promotion master will not physically disabled

a wheelchair, a computer, a young man with disabilities to open their own life stage. Its spirit is worth learning, in our limited years to live out the wonderful!

Network to promote the industry of our country is said to be

1, * * * his disability after meet the honored before the age of 22, Peng Hongwei was a perfect person, when the workers monthly income of nearly 2000 yuan; parents are working in the neighborhood; one family comfortable and cozy.

After 4 years of

mouchangqing father is the director of community Peng Mou, I is one of China’s first batch of network promotion, has been engaged in related work in Beijing. At the end of 2007 to go home for the Spring Festival, Mou learned from the father of Peng Hongwei’s experience, to take the initiative to visit, and strive to recommend Peng line; give him to explain the basics of the Internet, for him to prepare a large number of promotion cases.

Peng Hongwei quickly "net", after two months of self training, his text posts, post pictures, video posts and other ways and means have been able to skillfully use.


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