Tencent cloud overweight 100 million yuan to support entrepreneurs, the money can be capricious

Abstract: from multinational giants to domestic BAT and vertical domain cloud service providers, are accelerating the pace of cloud computing market share. The day before the Tencent cloud increased billion yuan business support fund, continue to increase investment in the platform support.


[Changle] song / titanium Media Editor of the three Internet, cloud computing, big data seems to be born together, the Internet provides a new infrastructure, humans began to store a large amount of data, through cloud computing to the data mining, the final value. With the advent of the era of cloud computing, as well as the arrival of the national entrepreneurial boom, giants are also targeting this huge market potential. 16, the Tencent combined it real fund, innovation works, deep venture, KPCB jointly issued the "cloud + public record" plan, announced that it will provide 100 million yuan of funds to support the increased support for entrepreneurs.

for the specific support, vice president of Tencent Inc, Tencent cloud head Qiu Yuepeng said that cloud Tencent offer not a single point to support the plan, but continued tracking service from the capital to flow to training.

generally speaking, in the best case, the vast majority of start-up companies from the birth to the angel round financing needs at least 3 months, go to the A round of financing needs of 3 to 9 months. A survey shows that entrepreneurs tend to use a year of free cloud support, there will be a strong willingness to pay and ability, most entrepreneurs need one to two years of cloud support.

but now, cloud services market provides cloud support cycle and resources, but also can not fully cover the needs of entrepreneurs before the A round of financing. Tencent’s cloud + plan more for the A round of entrepreneurial support, it is for the above reasons.

along with the 2013 Amazon into China, the domestic cloud services market has become quite lively, especially in the field of entrepreneurs to support the giants are also urgent red eye. Last year, Ali Cloud Computing Conference, titanium media editors had to explore a number of representative cases of cloud computing business (see the previous titanium media, Ali cloud venture case, cloud tools are being converted into entrepreneurial model).

however, compared to Ali cloud, Baidu cloud, cloud Tencent impression on everyone still serve in the game product is "game cloud", but the Tencent seemed to break the inherent sense of movement in the cloud services market is bound to lift the starting point. With the cloud + plan, in addition to supporting the Tencent cloud entrepreneurs, the next will be for government and enterprise users will launch the corresponding cloud service strategy.

compared with Internet Co, the technical basis of government and enterprise users is weak. In the process of using IT services, software and hardware is also facing many links, management service providers, a series of problems such as the high cost of IT, facing the IT environment more complex and diverse, and enterprise users of IT services also put forward higher requirements. It is reported that Tencent cloud has three communications with China, North Ming software, Shanghai Hua Yuan, Infosys and other first partner formally signed, >

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