n rural areas and set up factories in the project as you choose


project is for now to join venture investment and set up factories in the countryside, the following items are concentrated in rural development advantages can be the cause of scale development to the maximum, so for the business to join the business, the following options will be able to help you a good start.


rural home service intermediary and set up factories in the project:

factories suitable in the vicinity of large and medium-sized hospital address project, different conditions for various patient groups, respectively make a menu. The business should pay extra attention to kitchen sanitation, is not the same as the general restaurant and room service companies so simple. The patient should be aimed at different conditions to develop a reasonable diet, when a customer to ask the patient’s symptoms, physical condition, mental state, to better serve the patients; ordering files should not keep any mistakes. The initial investment is mainly rent, buy stoves and other costs, about 20 thousand yuan.

in recent years popular retro tide is very popular, has become a hot fashion, embroidery. Can rent a 20 square meters of facade, open a handmade embroidery shop. Rent plus renovation cost control in less than 30 thousand yuan, plus other fees, such as license,   start-up funds of about $40 thousand. Embroidery of the color to be rich, trees, flowers, figures, animal will be welcome; in addition to improve the service quality of customer service and set up factories in the project, to tell customers how to maintain the embroidery and how to choose the suitable embroidery and other small knowledge, and to help them repair free of charge.

: Manual of project and set up factories in rural

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