Need to find out before the opening of the hot pot franchise

want to get rich on the business, want to start on the choice of food and beverage industry, but the food and beverage industry so many brands to choose which one is better? Of course, a small series of hot pot or recommend this brand. Hot pot industry really let a lot of investors embarked on the road to prosperity, the project has matured, is a good money making projects. In order to make their own hot pot to make money, we must first do a good job in the preparatory work, to master the operating skills. But in the course of the shop, many entrepreneurs tend to fall into some errors, operators want to solve the problem on the road, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the hot pot industry investment market.

investment is the most important investment is less effective, in the era of rapid consumption, reduce costs, profit maximization is the pursuit of each entrepreneur. In an increasingly competitive market today, efficient investment, high return on the project is the best choice for entrepreneurs. The current rapid development of the industry, it is because of its rapid development, so many brands, mixed, so that entrepreneurs can hardly distinguish. So one can stand the test of the market brand, should have what characteristics and brand competitiveness? As the first Hot pot shop franchise chain, in Chinese has ten years of Hot pot store chain management experience, high market share, at present Hot pot stores has reached more than 1000, covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions, brand awareness and influence was greatly improved.

entrepreneurs in the eyes of the hot pot to join

through the chain store Hot pot customer visits, from the franchisees around there that Hot pot stores to join development in the terminal market is good, the feedback from the consumer to the franchisee information, Hot pot brand influence in the terminal market has a strong competitive advantage. Many consumers reflect the strength of the hot pot joined the franchise is the introduction of the headquarters of advanced hot pot machine equipment.

location selection and location of business is

hot pot high school low consumption of three, such as seafood hot pot, wild mushrooms, etc., the general price of more than $30 per person. Mid-range, such as La La hot pot and so on, per capita consumption price between 20-30 yuan. Low price in 20 yuan. You determine the grade and the corresponding pot will choose consumption goods, this level of target customers, generally to shop for the center, will walk to eat a radius of three hundred meters, the car was only at. The main source of a shop is around, especially in the city of similar hot pot. The surrounding population is the basic elements of your shop security. You can first determine what kind of pot products, and then according to the characteristics of the pot and your ideas to choose the location, you can also determine the location and then locate the pot products, which are not contradictory. In short, do not commit to operating in the area of high-grade hot pot routine errors.

location and scale

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