Wang Ning in Lama Temple next to the office of 90 entrepreneurs

in the era of Internet entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs have to plunge into the single plank bridge, less than 5% of the success rate for many enterprises aborted. In 90 years after the entrepreneur Wang Ning seems to want to get the success of APP business, the most important thing is to be able to precipitate".

in the mobile Internet era, do a APP explosive materials, is a lot of young fashion creating entrepreneurial dreams. But the cruel reality is that every day hundreds of thousands of APP was born, and more quietly die.

Keep, a fitness APP, on the line for six months, has been located in the apple store fitness class top three, has now got a well-known investment B round of financing. Keep founder, born in 1990, Wang Ning, from the dream to open a small company in front of SOHO, to rent a courtyard office in Lama Temple, is a step by step to achieve the dream. How did he do it?

when Wang Ning, a Internet Co in the practice of College students. 2015 is an outbreak of sports health, Wang Ning is very optimistic about this potential market. July 2014, just graduated from college Wang Ning successfully get angel investment. In mid October, he founded KEEP with 3 companions. 4 small partners are not former colleagues, students: the same direction, mutual recognition, joined together."

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