Entrepreneurs you love from 0 to 1 or difficult

today in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" environment, "Silicon Valley chicken soup", "entrepreneurial success" has become entrepreneurs and the media to read (or pretend to read the content). Walk in Zhongguancun Venture Street "and a few words" pendulum bookstore, the most conspicuous, selling the most fiery is often "from 0 to 1", "difficult", "sense of participation", "mobile Internet Era" of these "business philosophy".

From 0 to 1 "

" and "difficult" is the most widely discussed business street entrepreneurs in the circle, the two "most respected entrepreneurship bible". 35 consecutive business (failure) with West master hamburger with "Premier coffee" intense discussions with Sally of entrepreneurial projects, often also cited the "viewpoint" or "difficult" to 1 in 0. The scene in Saipo Zhao "why entrepreneurs need to pretend to read" from 0 to 1 "and" difficult "" has been described in detail.

even two of the "business philosophy" has become a business street bubble seasoning, but some real entrepreneurs of the "difficult" has a more profound empathy, to "from 0 to 1" reservations.

why do I like from 0 to 1?

"from 0 to 1," a book from the Silicon Valley venture Godfather Peter ·, Professor of Stanford University in 2012, a professor of entrepreneurship courses in. During one of his student Black · Masters took detailed notes, and publish it to the network, attracted 2 million 400 thousand hits. Subsequently, Peter · Steele will participate in this wonderful short notes "from 0 to 1 as" a book.

From 0 to 1 "

" is mainly based on the author as PayPal and tyre company Palladio (Palantir) founder, written and experience Facebook and space exploration technologies such as hundreds of start-up investors. From 0 to 1, the core idea is to interpret the Internet subversive innovation, about how to create innovative companies. "From 0 to 1, is through trial and error process, the invention of new models or products, try to prove that he is the first in the industry, and ultimately the market monopoly profits.

entrepreneurs love "from 0 to 1", is a collection of more two kinds of mentality, is a "overnight" dream, two "flaunt advanced thought".

"from 0 to 1" largely caters to Venture Street entrepreneurs flourishes mentality. Here, all the entrepreneurs with a dream is like this: riding a bicycle came in, two or three years after BMW drove out. So as you can see, these entrepreneurs to bathe in a coffee shop, a search for the so-called "outlet" in "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial" today, they advertised advanced "these three words," Internet "entrepreneurs" these three words occupy the moral high ground. "The Internet" and "entrepreneurs" into "socialism" and "capitalism"

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