After 90 entrepreneurs unusual approached their entrepreneurial story

society is slowly turning to the backbone of the 90, more and more 90 after the success of the road to become a friend of the army. After 90 years of growth in the era of Internet technology explosion, their way of thinking, entrepreneurship will be very different.

1990 was born in Australia, Yan Fangzhou, 5 and a half years, the final choice to return home, to a university as a teacher, but after only a year, Yan ark gave up my family expects stable work.

in Australia, the ark had strict cashier, food packaging and other work. Yan Fangzhou said that the experience of studying abroad, so he felt that he was interested in and do something good, very suitable for entrepreneurship. So he has now opened the International Student Advisory body.

to more detailed their service, strict ark invited a professional team, invited the returnees about your life, make the "three of us are walking together" talk form, used to introduce students will encounter in the process of the "work" and "housing rent" and other such practical problems. From January 2014 onwards, the strict ark made dozens of such business. "Not only do I have to make money, but the key is to do something useful for my clients." Yan Fangzhou said that he is the most important character. As long as the character cheerful, can do a good job on it.

grew up in rural Dingyuan County Song Xinhuan, now a student at Anhui Agriculture University, aquaculture professional junior. Grew up in the countryside, he was affected by the impact of the father of aquaculture, Song Xinhuan said, but because of the lack of technology, the father of several times to start a business in the end of failure. Song Xinhuan said that his father’s experience to make him understand that entrepreneurship should have professional technical support.

During the

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