Young people should choose when to start a business

different age groups, each person’s experience will be different, the idea of entrepreneurship will naturally be different, and suitable for entrepreneurial opportunities are very different. In this context, if we want to achieve entrepreneurial success, naturally also need to choose the time to start. So, young people should choose when to start a business?

‘s career is a long process, but the five stage is known as the golden phase.

(I) is the first twenty-four years to the age of "Probation"


in the meantime to try to explore and try all kinds of work, after all, the actual and ideal theory always has the gap, often hear some young people just entering society complained that there was no future in that job, did not learn anything. Even some of the age is not small, the old in the song: if what, how, how will now, how. In fact, in the end still complaining, in addition to waste their saliva, but also to quarrel with others.

I want to say to all the young people, during this period, before and just find the real suitable work, rather than constantly changing jobs! Yes, boss, not love working environment as good as imagined…… You can leave right now.

as boundless as the sea and sky, do what you want to do, don’t force yourself, know the job does not fit, do not have the courage to stand up to resign, or Gu face – to prove that they have to work, can do any work, coupled with human nature. So grab, to work "tasteless gesture the It is often seen.. Work is not happy, but has been consumed, dragging a day to count the day, slowly will naturally fall into the trap of work is just life.

for many people, do not change jobs, sometimes really do not know what they like the most. For instance business people, too much to do, you can expand the market, to do market analysts, can do business administration. If not, try, always at the head of a work on the treadmill, and it became a frog? Therefore, it is necessary to make good use of the past five years to tap the potential, such as early recognition of their own, they have taken a big step on the road to success.

(two) from the age of twenty-nine to the age of ""

Confucius stressed that "sanshierli"

is a very good reason. At this time still do not know what to do, still every day for work, it may be necessary to pull the alarm, you find a really suitable for their own work in the past twenty-nine years, the following five years must Jingxiaxinlai, study hard at work, lay the foundation. I think this is the most important part of the young people in the entrepreneurial stage.

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