Why consumers will say that there are quality problems of real cigarettes

as long as the smoke and deal with, whether it is the seller, or buyers, in fact, are afraid to encounter fake. After all, buyers spend money, the result is a fake, inevitably sad. For sellers, it is likely to have a very negative impact on the store’s business. Because of this, in the process of visiting customers, customer manager retail customers sometimes encounter such complaints: consumers in the purchase of cigarette smoking on the one or two, immediately conclude that the cigarette quality problems, said even cigarettes.

this should be a good communication can solve the small contradictions, but because of the lack of knowledge of retail customers, resulting in poor communication with consumers, and thus affect the reputation of the shop. To this end, the author collected a number of related knowledge of cigarettes for retail customers friend reference.

mood reasons

as the saying goes: Wedding stuffy dirty smoke tea. This shows that there is a great relationship between smoking and mood, different mood, the taste and the effect is different. People in a pleasant mood, easy to have a sense of identity to smoke cigarettes; but in the depressed negative emotions like sadness, will be suspicious of a cigarette flavor, the taste is not the same with ordinary cigarettes, there are quality problems. This is considered to be one of the biggest reasons consumers.

mainly based on

many consumers have a special liking for some kind of cigarette. In conversation with retail customers, I found that the majority of consumers are more subjective to their own cigarette smoking experience to determine the authenticity of the lack of scientific basis. For example, when some consumers buy cigarettes to observe a printing mark inside the cigarette case, cigarette case or tongue box inside, in order to determine the authenticity of the cigarette, and not according to the production process quality of cigarette packaging, printing quality and filter, and the smell of cigarette and combustion characteristics in discrimination. Consumers lack of knowledge of cigarettes, it is easy to misunderstand.

shelf life

client manager in daily visits found that many customers store cigarettes more humid place. The cigarette factory has been in continued fermentation during the aging process, generally in the factory after about eight months to achieve the best taste, aroma and taste decreased gradually, began to deteriorate. Cigarette storage in different environment and different time of storage, a cigarette quality and taste also has the effect of cigarette flavor – this is also a lot of consumers feel different from the store to buy a difference. Therefore, retail customers should attach great importance to the cigarette storage environment, and in the implementation of FIFO principle.

encountered this problem, we also need to use more professional knowledge to solve, can not easily conflict, so the store’s business will be very negative. Of course, the most important thing is to be sincere

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